Procedures for online learning – Attendance of students and staff

  • The MIS (Management Information System) is to be used to keep a record of attendance of students just as one does when working at school. Attendance is to be taken once a day by educators in the primary sector, and at each and every lesson delivered in middle and secondary schools.
  • School management are to ensure that educators are providing a punctual and regular service. School management teams are to continue offering their support to students, educators, and parents/legal guardians, and to ensure that a high level of communication is maintained at all times. SMT is to continue providing their services remotely or from the school premises as required.
  • All grades of educators, technicians and student support services are to work from home, unless, under exceptional circumstances, and in agreement with the SMT, alternative arrangements are deemed necessary. All precautions as established by the Department of Public Health are to be observed by those opting to work from school or who are lacking the necessary equipment to work from home.
  • All procedures in relation to sick leave and special leave are to be maintained virtually, and no replacements are to be made to cover for such absences. The SMT is to inform students at all levels of any such absences through an Announcement on MySchool.