Procedures for online learning

  • Throughout the online learning process educators and students are to maintain their scheduled timetables, adapted to the circumstances as required, using MS Teams to maintain a high level of interaction between parties. 
  • LSEs are to continue providing their services to the students they have been assigned and/or the students in their home class via the online platform. 
  • Educators supporting the educational process, such as peripatetic teachers, nurture class teachers and LSZ, guidance teachers, and complementary teachers, amongst others, should coordinate their operations with the SMT according to the needs and requirements of the students. 
  • No additional work, over and above that which has already been prepared, or as stipulated as a requirement when working at school, should be requested of educators.
  • Members of the SMT can request access to visit classes during an online lesson as long as this practice does not exceed the number of visits one would normally expect in a face-to-face class.