Progression or Regression

An evaluation of LSE 3 and KGE 3 grades brings to light several anomalies.
For instance, it would appear that completion by LSE’s of a B.A. (Hons) in Facilitating Inclusive Education paves the way for eventual progression to the grade of LSE 3. This, in turn, would allow LSE 2’s who are at salary scale 10 to move up to salary scale 9 both of which would hold a capping of  €25,822 and € 27,538 respectively by 2024.
The resultant monthly increase of €132 for the year indicated is on the low side and disregards inflationary adjustments thus rendering the meagre upward push worthless.
UPE expects better improvements within their conditions of work so much so since job description will remain the same for all grades.
The union also notes that many LSEs and KGEs are discouraged since years of service were not considered.
UPE is vigilant and promises to push forward any concern rightfully expressed by those concerned to the relevant authorities.
*The above workings don’t include allowances which all grades will be receiving per sectorial agreement.