Proof That Ad Hoc Agreements Are Being Agreed Upon Behind Everyone’s Back.

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers has written proof that the MUT and MEDE have concluded ad hoc agreements without the MUT executing a vote among its members to approve any changes to their conditions of work.  

Peripatetic, Nurture, Complimentary and all other teachers providing services in primary schools have been withheld from performing their duties in their respective schools. Furthermore, they have been told to replace members of staff who are unavailable for work, while in the meantime, hundreds of students who used to benefit from these services are being denied their fundamental right to access the services these teachers are qualified to provide. 

Once again, the irresponsibility of an organisation, which is supposed to safeguard its members, stands out to attention as, yet again, these members have been denied the right to voice their opinion through a vote. Unfortunately, this has become a recurrent behaviour which has been amplifying over time. Many are seeing this as yet another déjà vu of the 2017 agreement. 

The recklessness of taking such decisions has resulted in unwelcome and undue hardship for all educators in the primary sector. The UPE is aware that curriculum time is not being granted to teachers and that they are now having to face a full classroom all day. 

It is hard to believe that the MUT and MEDE have had no issues showing an unparalleled level of disrespect towards these grades by further telling them, point-blank, that their valuable services are no longer required for the time being. 

Without any qualms, months of preparations have been sent down the drain, causing unnecessary anxiety, and resulting in low morale among teaching staff. 

The UPE guarantees that it will not be coerced into agreeing upon any ad hoc agreements like the MUT has done: on the contrary, it will give power to its members to decide upon the future of their professional careers.  

The UPE thus formally requests that this specific written agreement is immediately made public and available to all those affected by these changes.