Queries on IEP Reviews

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers has been notified by its members that LSEs are being asked to work on the IEP Review document. The LSEs expressed their concern at completing the document because they are currently unable to engage in extensive communication with educators and other professionals, as would generally be the norm when completing the document. The union, consequently, forwarded these concerns to MEDE to safeguard its members from any unwarranted responsibility.

The response from MEDE reassured the union with regards to the expectations behind the document to be compiled. LSEs are being expected to compile the information required in the document as per usual practice, for the children they were assigned to, primarily because the abilities and skills achieved by the children in the months of direct contact are a fresh recollection which can be noted down most effectively at this time. Delaying this procedure could be detrimental to the children who require an IEP as memory may not be relied on after a longer period of time, and also because collection of information may be hindered as a result of movement of staff following deployment.

This document will be a collection of information which will assist in the development of an IEP. Since the current situation precludes everyone from being able to conduct a formal IEP meeting, the information gathered in the review will be considered of support to the flow of the actual IEP meeting which will eventually take place to determine the support required by the students in the next scholastic year.

Should any of our members require any further clarification, or have any further queries, we can be contacted via email at or by calling our offices on 2590 5400.