Reaction to Additional Restrictive Measures

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers, welcomes the Prime Minister’s restrictive measures announced today. These restrictive measures came after the UPE appealed for further restrictions to be in place during the carnival period. The UPE stresses that further enforcement action needs to be taken to restrict rental accommodation to members of the same household, as it is only in this way that the spread of the virus will be more efficiently contained.

The UPE also notes that the Prime Minister would like to keep schools open during the carnival holiday period and that these holidays will be added to the calendar at a later stage. The UPE opposes the postponement of carnival holidays from the agreed calendar. 

The Union is still questioning that which was agreed upon between the MUT and the Government, after the educators’ strike, a few weeks ago. The Government has failed, time and time again, to deliver on its promises, as one can clearly see when it comes to the publication of updates on COVID-19 cases within schools.