Reform “Rat Race” – You signed up to this mess. 

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers, is perplexed to see stakeholders blaming a system that they initially put together themselves. 

It’s worthwhile reminding Educators who has put them in this misery.

The MUT together with its partner in crime, the Ministry of Education have jointly signed the “unprecedented agreement” as stated by the Permanent Secretary Dr Fabri himself way back in 2017. This agreement brought with it an exuberant amount of work on all Educators starting from Kinder to Secondary level. 

It’s ridiculous to see survey upon survey stating the obvious. The lack of vision and foresight that MUT and the Ministry have had and still have is incredible, and are now realising that their reforms are stressing out Educators.

It’s sad to hear educators expressing exhaustion and dissatisfaction on the workplace only after a few months at school. 

Reforms like the Emerging Curriculum, Learning outcome frameworks (LOFs), Secondary Education Applied Curriculum (SEAC) and the MATSEC reforms have been introduced without proper consultation and minimal training to Educators. 

The situation is critical, and unless these reforms are stopped or drastically controlled, the Educational System is bound to fail.

The MUT and MEDE are the accomplices for this failure. 

The Minister, Hon Dr Owen Bonnici, has no choice but to prevent further dissatisfaction amongst Educators, or else Malta will continue to face an apocalyptical tragedy in Education.