Reply to the Ministry’s statement

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers, is aware that it is presently not the union with sole collective bargaining power,  notwithstanding this it is a legally recognised Union (RTU No. 309) and thus may issue directives to protect its members and prospective members in various situations affecting the various factors and aspects which make up one’s working conditions .
The directives that the Union had to issue, followed a number of requests for meetings from our side and then meetings with high MEDE officials, which sadly failed to produce any solutions for our members. The directives are meant to protect our members and prospective members, and their rights as professionals until a solution is found. These individuals, who together form a group or collection of individuals, have every right to ask for a Union of their choice, to help them and represent them.
Our Union, UPE Voice of The Workers, has been and is still willing to talk, and is here to serve it’s members and prospective members, as is the duty and right of every legally recognised Union.