Schools Are Not A Prison!

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers has been approached by a number of its members who stated that their school management are stunting their freedom to leave the school premises during non contact time.

These educators are being told that once they cross the threshold of the school in the morning, they will not be allowed to leave the premises, at any point in time, before dismissal. The reason given to educators for this instruction would be that the school deems it would facilitate the process of contact tracing if this measure is adhered to. The union finds this motivation derisible, as getting away from the crowds, rather than forcing staff to idly sit with numerous colleagues in an enclosed environment, should be not only seen as common sense, but promoted as a way of controlling the spread of the virus. 

The union also hopes that these schools have issued this insensate instruction in good faith, truly but naively believing in the instruction issued, and that it is not a way of attempting to exert control over the activities which our Educators engage in during unpaid rest time.

There is no possible way in which the union will ever condone such instructions from schools, especially at this point in time, with a pandemic in course, and will actively take steps against any school enforcing such unethical restrictive measures on its members’ free time.

Should any of our members be subjected to any similar treatment by their school management, they should not hesitate to promptly contact the union at or by calling our offices on 2590 5400.