Secretariat of Catholic Education retrieves its Prohibitory Injunction after a Court ordered reconciliation.

A meeting was held on the 19th of October 2018 between the Secretariat for Catholic Education and the Union of Professional Educators Voice of The Workers, as recommended by the Courts of Malta.

It was agreed and clarified that U.P.E. will be able to carry out its duties as a Union, and when issues arise it will first communicate with Heads of schools to resolve them. The Secretariat will be approached to work alongside the Union and the Schools’ Heads when a solution is not found.

The Secretariat will be communicating with all its schools directing them about the concerns that lead to U.P.E. ‘s directives.

In view of this development, the Secretariat for Catholic Education is initiating legal procedures to withdraw the injunction against U.P.E., and the Union will withdraw the directives in Church Schools.