Should we take MUT seriously?

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers (UPE) asks if we Educators should take MUT seriously?

MUT is accusing the Government of short-sighted planning, while forgetting the serious role they had in letting our Profession find itself where it is, by signing a sectoral agreement on the 21st of December 2018, which introduced not better wages or better working conditions, but new reforms to the already reform stressed Educators. These included the introduction of new subjects for “My Journey” and the “Learning Outcomes Framework”. UPE reminds all, that MUT didn’t give a vote to all members to decide.

It was the MUT which gave the go-ahead to the Faculty of Education for the Teachers Degree course to be changed into a Masters, and thus it had double the normal obligation to gain better wages for Teachers if it wanted to attract young people to our Profession.

Another memory lapse which Mr.Bonnici, or maybe journalists reporting, are suffering from, is that it was the Union of Professional Educators, which first suggested some form of financial compensation to Student Teachers, on the contrary to what MUT said in an article issued on News Book

It was UPE which proposed indemnity insurance for injuries related to our Profession, and of course, we have already presented our various proposals to the Ministry of Education and the Prime Minister.

How can Mr. Bonnici, speaking for MUT, be taken seriously when he laments of Teachers’ shortage, or other, and ask for an audit to establish reasons for why many of us are leaving, or have left ,this Profession, when he asserted more than once that he believes the last sectoral agreement “is good”.

MUT officials cannot be taken seriously when they appear surprised or astounded by something they signed for, yet not all is lost since Educators now have UPE – Voice Of The Workers which is the real voice for our Profession because we listen to and are there for our members and Profession.