Stella Maris College breaking terms of Church School Agreement

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers has been monitoring Teachers working load from the beginning of the scholastic year. Various teachers have been issued with a working load of 26 lessons well beyond the maximum load agreed.

It also seems to transpire that certain Teachers have been exempted from replacements for some unknown reason at the detriment of their colleagues.

This situation has raised concern among Teachers as they are working well beyond the stipulated amount of agreed lessons (Maximum of 25 lessons). The Union is also in possession of emails in which the SMT was kindly requesting Teachers to volunteer as to take up replacements.

The Union is also aware that during educational visits, in which the Secretariat of Catholic Education agrees that they should be considered as contact time, Teachers have been given additional replacements to cover in the same week thus exceeding their maximum load.

UPE officials will gladly meet the School management as to sort out the issue within the coming days. In the meantime, the Union has advised its members as not to perform additional replacements, and if replacements are issued that exceed the maximum load they are entitled to, one is to report immediately to the Union.

UPE will not tolerate situations in which teachers are discriminated from one another.