TEFL Workers Union UK Show Solidarity Towards Teachers From Clubclass Going On Strike

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers would like to extend its gratitude towards the TEFL Workers Union UK who, on the occasion of the strike by the teachers at Clubclass, very generously will be forwarding a generous donation to be shared equally amongst the members working at Clubclass attending the protest on the day. This show of fraternal solidarity from our colleagues overseas, is giving our teachers, and the union itself, a boost in morale at this challenging time.

Clubclass owner, Joe Aquilina, has, for two months, been refusing his employees their constitutional right to affiliation to a trade union. The vast majority of the teachers are members of the union, and yet he refuses to recognise or even acknowledge this fact, and even behaved disdainfully towards the CEO of the union, Graham Sansone, who made several attempts at contacting him personally to discuss matters in an equanimous manner to avoid having to escalate the matter.  

He also ignored all those who contacted him, asking him to sit at a table with the union to discuss matters: these include entities like FELTOM and the ELT Council, not to mention other school owners.  The DIER itself tried to organise an online meeting of reconciliation, which he did not even bother to respond to, let alone attend. 

He even ignored the fact that a strike was called and, on the same day, published a post on Facebook stating that lessons would be starting on the day of the strike. Perhaps, he is under the belief that he can coerce his employees to comply with his wilfully irreverent expectations. 

In an attempt to dissuade the union from actuating the strike, Joe Aquilina attempted to extend the deadline to initiate talks to a tentative date which is almost a month from now, with the risk of his yet again making another no show. 

Following all of these incidents, the union and the members took a vote on whether a strike should take place. The teachers unanimously voted in favour, and the date of the said strike is set to be on Monday, the 6th of July 2020. The teachers will be standing before the school premises at 10:00am in peaceful protest, expecting to be heard, listened to and respected as workers. 

Anyone willing and able to attend and support their fellow workers are cordially invited to turn up outside Clubclass English Language School, 104, Chelsea Court,Triq is-Sidra, Swieqi, SWQ 3150, at 10:00am on Monday 6th of July 2020.