The launch of a revolutionary new concept… with love from UPE

Over the past few months the Union of Professional Educators-Voice of the Workers has been discussing with its members, more proactive ways in which the union can be even closer to the people it holds so much at heart. After extensive work around the clock the union is now proud to be in a position to launch its new innovative application, which will ensure that anyone who has the application has all the services available literally at the tip of their fingers.

The application which will be easily downloadable for free by clicking on the following link will include all the possible features any educator would require to guarantee access to our assistance and services in just a few taps on a mobile phone, even as one is on the go following a busy schedule.

The application will feature a live newsfeed, which will ensure that all those who have downloaded the app are constantly updated on any articles, information and directives issued by the union. It will also provide its users  with the possibility to request and schedule an appointment with our executive members directly from the application. First time members wishing to join the union and existing members wishing to renew  their membership will be able to complete the whole process via the application itself and anyone wishing to call our offices, visit our website or reach our Facebook page will be able to do so at the tap of an icon, through which they will be instantaneously redirected to the service requested. In its “About” section, app-holders will be able to review the location and the opening hours of our offices and to conclude we have added a final perk which will include the possibility of engaging in a live chat with UPE through an independent instant messaging service.

We have created this application as a gift not only to our members but also to all educators, to ensure that they are being kept in the loop of all that which is going on at that point in time and at the same time provide a platform through which their voices can be heard and attended to even more promptly than ever before.