The right of reply after a statement issued by Secretariat and Church School Education.

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers has received an invitation to a reconciliation meeting with the D.I.E.R. (Department for Employment and Industrial Relations) Director and the Church Secretariat.
We have repeatedly asked for meetings, as is our right as a lawful union, to present our members’ concerns but to no avail. We thus wonder whether if the Secretariat for Catholic Schools will listen to the problems of its esteemed employees?
We augur that since the ‘Secretariat and Church Schools value the individual members of their communities, including learners, their families and especially employees, on whom the system relies to provide a high-quality educational service’, the meeting will proceed smoothly so that all employees will finally be able to enjoy the same appreciation.
U.P.E. Voice Of The Workers is a Union which is here to serve it’s members and prospective ones, and will only be satisfied if they are listened to and if their working conditions will allow them to deliver the best as Professionals.