The Truth Behind The Facts

Reaction to the Ministry of Education & Employment & MUT’s joint article on the issue of LSE’s loosing their job due to the signed agreement.
The Union of Professional Education – Voice Of The Workers is presenting the facts below;
Enhancing Inclusivity
At Kindergarten and Primary level, inclusion provision for all learners shall be catered for by the Teacher or Kindergarten Educator responsible for the class and supported by Learning Support Educators as may be required (officially authorised by the Management). Learners with one-to-one statement of needs shall be assigned the services of a Learning Support Educator each.
In Kindergarten 1 to Year 6, all groups/classes shall benefit further from the support of a Learning Support Educator provided that the student population per group/class exceeds:
• 12 learners in Kinder 1;
• 14 learners in Kinder 2;
• 18 pupils in Years 1 and 6;
This measure shall gradually come into effect at Kinder 1 level, and incrementally at the other consecutive levels in subsequent years as from September 2019, and subsequently rolled out as specified in Annex I – Implementation Timeline the Major Agreement Measures respectively.
At the Secondary Cycle, inclusion provision shall remain as per current practices for the duration of this agreement.”
This clearly shows that on the long run shared support students will be denied the current support structure at the detriment of the student and the LSE. This was also acknowledged by MEDE officials during various instances when the Union voiced its concern on the issue.
The general public are invited to read the public agreement signed by MUT and MEDE in 2017, page 30 under the title of “Enhancing Inclusivity”.