The UPE brings the long wait of MCAST results to an end.

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers is pleased to announce that following its intervention as published on the 12th of May, regarding delays in the issuing of results of students reading for a B.A hons. In Inclusive Education on a part-time basis, MCAST now has published 3 of the 5 pending results. 

A direct communication from MCAST has also reassured the union, and its members, that another result will be published this week, and that the last pending result will be published by the end of May. MCAST justified the delay by attributing it to a delay in the verification process which follows the correction done by the lecturers.

While understanding that such verifications are necessary to ensure the quality and integrity of the courses run by MCAST, the union feels that such extensive delays can be detrimental to the performance of students who have to live under constant tension and worry, and thus hopes that henceforth these delays will not be repeated unnecessarily. 

Yet again, the UPE has been a vector in voicing its members concerns, and succeeded in procuring the long awaited results.