The UPE Disgusted by Harassment and Discrimination Tactics Used by Management

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers, has received reports from its members, stating that senior management is using harassing and discriminatory tactics towards members of the union who are following legitimate union directives. 

The above-mentioned activity has been happening for some time, but it seems that last week their endeavours intensified. This treatment of our members is illegal and constitutes a clear breach in employment law. 

The UPE has also been informed that MEDE officials are disseminating FAKE NEWS stating that the union is not a registered trade union. Educators are invited to click here to verify for themselves that the UPE is a legally operating trade union. 

In view of all of the above, the UPE is giving MEDE 24 hours to take note of the situation before the union considers taking further action. In the meantime, members of the UPE are encouraged to continue following all of the directives issued by the Union, and if management persists in its intimidatory tactics, members are to report such actions to the Union without delay. 

The UPE reserves the right to name and shame anyone in breach of the right of association. 

Should any of our members have any further queries about the directives or would like to raise any concerns in these exceptional times, they are not to hesitate to contact the union at or by calling our offices on 2590 5400