The UPE Reaches Out To Thi Lakin Educators As The School Announces Permanent Closure

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers was truly disappointed to hear that Thi Lakin, an independent school catering for kindergarten and primary years, with a history which dates back to the 70s, is closing its doors for good. The union was also informed that the building which has welcomed hundreds of children over the years, and which in time had become a recognised landmark in the Attard area, will be demolished and redeveloped into something completely unrelated.

Much as the loss of this educational institution weighs down on all present and past students, the union’s true concern lies with the educators who are members of the UPE working within the school, who are literally giving it their all to teach the children in their care, knowing full well that their journey, in a school which was practically a second home to them, will come to a close at the end of the scholastic year.

The UPE invites its members working at Thi Lakin to keep in touch with the union at this difficult time, and not to hesitate should they have any queries about vacancies which we may be aware of within the educational system, when the time comes. As always, the Union of Professional Educators- Voice of the Workers will do its utmost to help out its members.