The UPE Registers an Industrial Dispute with MEDE – Directives To Be Issued In The Coming Days

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers is concerned over the various issues, which are primarily revolving around Health and Safety Regulations, Social dialogue and the lack of facilities granted to the Union, and which are impeding reaching prompt reasonable solutions in the current crisis.

The UPE has stated, time and time again, that it is not viable for schools to open for children in the coming days due to the high numbers of COVID-19 positive cases reported. We had also recommended for online lessons to be delivered across the board until the COVID-19 positive cases decrease significantly. The risk of transmission is currently way too high thus putting our members at immediate unreasonable risk. This concern was further confirmed by the Minister of Education and Employment as well as the Prime Minister himself in televised interviews.

In the light of the above, the Union is thus issuing an industrial dispute.

The Union will be issuing directives to its members starting from Monday the 28th of September 2020 and will also be instructing its members to be increasingly vigilant of the guidelines issued by Public Health Authorities.

Once a breach is noted by our members, the Union is instructing its members to report the breach to the Head of School and leave the classroom setting with immediate effect. Our members will only resume work as per schedule once the breach has been rectified.

The UPE is once again calling upon MEDE to exercise social dialogue since the UPE has a solution for the above mentioned crisis in hand.