The UPE’s First Reaction To The Guidelines On The Reopening Of Schools

The Union of Professional Educators  – Voice of the Workers has just got hold of the guidelines regarding the reopening of schools. The 35-page document which comprises the full range of guidelines to be implemented will be reviewed carefully tonight by the union executive board and will be discussed internally in all its minute details to ensure that its members’ health, as well as that of educators nationwide, is safeguarded.

On first reading, it became obvious that there were some significant discrepancies between that which is in the guidelines and that which was said during the press conference. Especially where these discrepancies are identified, the union intends to ensure that clarification is sought and provided as soon as possible. 

It is to be noted that the content of the document published today, was not revealed to the union until it was published and that at no point, has the UPE agreed, to reopen schools to the detriment  of vulnerable educators or children. Neither will it ever agree with any guidelines which might put these members of our communities at risk. If the state refuses to protect our more vulnerable educators, the UPE will take a stance in strong opposition to that of the state, to safeguard these educators, these people, at all cost.