Further developments in schools‘ photocopying service and Directive issued to all UPE members.

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers, is hereby restating its position on the recent pilot project regarding the use of the governments photocopying service provider, in state schools.
The Union remains adamant on the principle that Teachers and other Educators are Professionals and thus need to be treated as such. Their autonomy in the preparation of their work and their right to intellectual property ownership should not be threatened. They should be provided with an adequate photocopying service at their workplace and need not be restricted in using this sole service or burdened with extra time restrictions with regard to the preparation or delivery of their paperwork. Educators ‘ workload, the nature of their lesson delivery and other administrative work that is done in schools, demand a certain amount of flexibility which the new system, as it is being implemented in the so-called “Pilot project or trial period “will not allow.
In a recent meeting with high MEDE Officials, UPE was assured that the project was still on trial and would involve the same college and involved printing of school administrative work, like school-based exam papers, only. Though we do not appreciate being misled by the Directorate we are aware that it is MUT who negotiated and agreed upon these changes and thus wants it’s members to make use of this system.
We have already released statements on our position and we empathise with our Professional Educators, who like us were misled on what implications this new service would have on their work-life balance to say the least , thus our directive for our members and prospective members remains, and  they are to refrain from sending their work to GPP and may use their previous preferred choices or school-based photocopying services, as long as they do not lose control of their work.
UPE augurs a healthy start of another scholastic year to all and will keep its members updated on any development or on the retrieval of the directive.