Unethical Behaviour From The Secretariat of Catholic Education

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers is disappointed to see that the Secretariat of Catholic Education does not practise what it preaches.

The Union has rigorously followed the established grievance procedure by notifying the Heads of School concerned about various matters that have arisen within their schools. Unfortunately, the Union has not, to date, received any positive reply from the Heads of School. The Union has voiced its concern to the Secretariat of Catholic Education about this silence. It regrets that the Secretariat has closed its doors on numerous occasions and has not shown willingness to discuss the issues that are important to educators. To safeguard the interests of its members the Union instructed is members on industrial action to take and sought a reconciliation meeting with the Department of Industrial & Employment Relations (DIER).

During the reconciliation meeting with the Church Secretariat held yesterday the 11th of October 2018, while progress was being made on various matters, the Union received a Mandate of Prohibitory Injunction instigated by the Secretariat.

This can only be interpreted as unethical behaviour on the Secretariat’s part. It surely does not promote a healthy Social Dialogue between both parties. The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers has always been ready to discuss and find a consensus. To this end, it has sought,multiple times, to do so with various stakeholders within the Educational Sector in order to protect the best interest of its members. The Union will keep its members apprised of any developments.