Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers, Budget 2019 reaction

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers was expecting more incentives in the Education Sector.

No incentives have been forthcoming as to encourage young people to take up the vocational profession of teaching. This lack of vision from the government will increase the current pressure on teachers already stretched to their limits. In fact, the overall well being of Educators, those currently employed and those retired, had no impact on this budget.

There has also been no mention of supporting the inclusive education of students with a disability in our schools, a fundamental pillar within our educational system. On the contrary in 2019, statemented students with a shared statement will not be given an L.S.E as a form of support. This support will be replaced by one L.S.E. for the whole class, as agreed upon in the last sectoral agreement.

The Union welcomes the investment being made with regards to “My Journey” but is disappointed that not all colleges will get the same support or will offer the same services to all students around Malta. Non-state schools have been left in the shadows without the much needed financial support as to be at par with state schools. This not only affects the schools as such but effects the quality teaching of hundreds of students that have sought to study various VET subjects.

Once again .there has been no mention of the desperately needed security measures for schools, thus leaving people practising this profession vulnerable to unfortunate situations.

UPE is hopeful that the government will take heed and take positive action. After all, Education is the basis for the well being of all the country.