Unrecognised Roles within Schools Not Yet Resolved

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers, has noted that the issue of unrecognised roles within schools is being ignored by MEDE Officials. The contestation of these roles lies purely in the fact that these teachers are being given preferential treatment, in the form of a reduction in work load. This issue was first flagged at Blata L-Bajda – Middle School. 

The UPE had issued directives at Blata L-Bajda – Middle School, requiring teachers who are members of the UPE to refrain from taking on any replacement lessons. New reports have indicated that the SMT is now giving replacement lessons in-lieu of (ILO) to bypass the directives issued by the Union.

Replacement  ILO lessons must be first served to teachers who do not have a full teaching load and  to teachers who have a minimum teaching load when compared to the working load of other teachers who have missed their respective lesson/s because of school activities.

For this reason, the Union will be calling for a meeting with the head of school to resolve this issue once and for all. 

If our request persists on being ignored we will issue further directives. 

Members of the UPE are encouraged to report back via email if such situations exist in their respective schools.