Update on Salary discrepancy of LSE2s in Church and Independent schools

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers is still proceeding with work related to the discrepancy in salaries of LSEs in Church and Independent schools. We are currently at a good point in the achievement of our goals thanks to the secure foothold we have attained through the communication received today from the OPM where LSE2s in State schools who have been subjected to the discrepancy for so long have now been assured that action has been taken at managerial level, and that the situation is in the process of being finally rectified.

Church and Independent schools do not follow the same pattern of appointment of LSEs as in State schools. LSEs in Church and Independent schools are appointed to their new level simply by presenting their qualifications, and should then begin to earn a salary at the correct scale and step with immediate effect. Hence, LSE2s working in these institutions, who graduated in 2016  together with those LSEs who were in their same course but got appointed at a later date, will also be having their salaries reviewed. A list of names has been forwarded to the OPM and we are now just waiting for them to peruse the list and are expecting them to provide us with a satisfactory reply with regards to salary adjustment.

On the other hand, those LSE2s working in Church schools, who were appointed in 2019, were to date a problematic issue. On appointment they were automatically placed on Scale 12 Step 1, unlike their counterparts in State schools who were placed with immediate effect on Scale 12 Step 3. As many know, we have been struggling against this injustice for a very long time, however, following this adjustment the Secretariat is now expected to adjust these LSE2s’ salaries in accordance with the approved instructions of the State. As a result these LSE2s should be receiving salaries at Scale 12 Step 4 with arrears to be paid up.

We would like to reassure our members that our work and persistence has been constant, and that we are finally nearing the successful closure of this issue. The union will keep its members updated on progress made.

Should any member have any further queries, or see that the instructions were not acted upon in a timely fashion, we can be contacted via email at or by calling our offices on 2590 5400.