UPDATE : Directives due to the new sectoral agreement, a new scenario for exceptional circumstances.

For a number of years now, Teachers have been asking for their Teaching loads to become less heavy due to various added duties that were affecting their workload at school and even that of after school hours and the last  sectoral agreement signed by the other Teachers Union  was meant to address this, especially since all Teachers are now burdened with preparing for the introduction  of the Learning Outcomes Frameworks.
Though the loads did change, Teachers and the School Administrators, are now facing a “new” problem and a new injustice.
The Union met MEDE high Officials to discuss such a situation, but according to MEDE this situation is only affecting a handful of people! A number of this “handful” of Teachers have approached us to show their disappointment when they found that they have a load of 25 lessons and were not heeded by anyone about their concerns.
The current agreement states “Provided that in exceptional cases arising out of timetable exigencies, the teaching load will consist of a maximum of 25 lessons”.
To our present knowledge, this exception is affecting Teachers of Maltese and Mathematics and MEDE ‘s only response was that the exceptional circumstances leading to this were the lack of Teachers teaching these subjects and the fact that their timetables are worked with multiples of 5 lessons a week.
MEDE officials were unwilling to offer any solution or compensation for the affected Teachers and only suggested that Heads of School may refrain from giving a “ full load “ (25 lessons which are exceptional) to the same person in the next scholastic year, though this is the Heads prerogative they said.
UPE cannot accept this situation, as a Union, or accept the reasons provided as valid exceptional circumstances. These are factors for which the Directorate is responsible and not the Teachers or school Administrators. It is not the Teacher’s role to attract others to the Profession and such treatment of present Teachers will surely not attract new ones. The Union can understand that exceptional timetable exigencies arise from unpredictable circumstances like, for example, long-term sick leave, but not long present circumstances!
Since discussion with MEDE Officials leads to no solutions for our members we are issuing these directives for Teachers suffering this injustice :
1) They are not to attend any subject meetings
2) They are not to be involved in SDP group duties
3) They are not to be assigned posts of special duties like Form Teacher duties
Teachers are to feel free to contact UPE with any quire. If Teachers of other subjects apart from Maltese and Mathematics are affected by this unjust timetable they are to contact us on 2590 5400/79936582/99248352 or via email on
The Union will keep members updated on any developments on the matter.

UPDATE: In addition to the directives communicated by this union please be advised on the following;

1) They are not to attend any subject meetings

2) They are not to be involved in SDP group duties

3) They are not to be assigned posts of special duties like Form Teacher/ Assistant Form Teacher duties.