UPE condemns the use of illegitimate E-Learning practices

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers, has been informed by many of its members, that teachers are being instructed to complete tasks related to online teaching, on unauthorised online platforms, by members of the SMT.

The UPE has also been informed that some schools are encouraging the use of Google Forms to hand in detailed weekly forecasts of planned work and are being asked to record students’ response. The union feels that this practice should not be in place as we are currently living through exceptional times and the expected performance of both teachers and students cannot be forecasted in such detail without our Educators being put under unnecessary stress, and fear of possible consequences for not fulfilling the goals set.

The Union would like to emphasize that Educators are to exclusively use official online platforms and should under no circumstance resort to the use of any form of Social Media for work-related purposes. The above indications are in line with the code of ethics enforced by MEDE, hence teachers should neither consider it justifiable, nor should they feel compelled, to do otherwise. The substantial funding invested by the ministry, and schools, on enhancing their online platforms, over the years, should be enough reason to engage in the sole use of this approved means of communication. 

The UPE also bears in mind that not all Educators have been trained in the use of the existing platform and therefore condemns the unrealistic expectations, that our educators have been burdened with, when it comes to their performance in its use.

The Union cannot condone any practices which put our members in a position where they are expected to use alternative methods of communication which go beyond what was originally presented. 

Members of the union can rest assured that, in such unprecedented times, they are already doing their best when following stipulated guidelines. The UPE will continue to ensure that any abusive practices in this regard are brought to an end. 

In view of all the above, members are therefore encouraged to inform us should they be confronted with such, or similar, issues by contacting us via email at or by calling our offices on 2590 5400