UPE Expresses Its Concerns Over Possible Solutions For Lack Of Maths & Maltese Teachers.

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers, is more than worried that the lack of Teaching staff will become a bigger problem on students, present Teachers and school administrators. The Directorate is not doing anything concrete enough it seems to ease this situation since it is not opening enough calls for applications as it is clear that qualified Educators are not applying. With people leaving the Profession and student numbers increasing, plus new reforms that need smaller classes and more Teachers, the future looks even bleaker.

To make matters worse we are hearing from concerned members that the Directorate has possibly come up with a minor solution. In fact, Teachers of Mathematics and Maltese who may hold special postings, like that of Guidance Teachers, Librarians or Health and /Safety Teachers or other, have been told that they may have to renounce those postings to take a full load of contact Teaching. Is removing valid persons and valid services from valid students the way forward? The Union has already been involved with cases of Complementary Teachers who are being pressured to leave their posts and leave their students without their service.

UPE will not accept this highly unprofessional attitude or treatment. Educators should be respected as professionals and not be abused by the system. Thus we encourage all those who have Education at heart, to give this crisis its due importance. Our students and country’s future should not be threatened because of some Directorate Officials’ strong headedness or because of a sectoral agreement which gave the Educators another blow downwards.

As we have insisted and will never tire repeating, the only viable solution that will bring a long term effect is for all Educators to get their long due better working conditions.

Meanwhile, the Union wants to reassure our members that we will not accept any form of discrimination with Teachers of Mathematics or Maltese, or possibly of other subjects in the future, who may have some special posting.