UPE is actively pushing for Injury Compensation for all Educators

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers is pleased to learn that the Authorities have put in place new measures to safeguard sensitive jobs. Personnel in the Armed Forces and Customs may now be offered compensation in case they suffer an injury in the course of the performance of their duties. Unfortunately, the Union must express its extreme disappointment that, once again, educators have not been afforded the same consideration.
We all know that educators have for many years been subjected to unexpected violence in their work environment.  A cursory glance at the media reports shows that there has been an upsurge in such cases of late. We believe it is the obligation of the State to give reassurance and ensure parity to all those involved in the schools and colleges by offering compensation in cases of  personal injury resulting from such violent incidents. This proposal should not stand alone, but be accompanied by better security measures within schools as well as the provision of professional personnel and facilities when dealing with aggressive student behaviour prevalent within the school culture.
UPE urges the relevant stakeholders to implement the same measures being offered to the above-mentioned workforce in the eventuality that educators are injured when on duty by third-party aggressors and/or students.