UPE Issues Directives After Discussions Failed

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers, hasn’t received any further updates after yesterdays meeting with the Permanent Secretary Dr Fabri after a deadline was given by the UPE. 

The UPE would also like to point out that no communication was forthcoming from the Secretariat of Catholic Education. 

For this reason, the Union is issuing the following directives to all its members working in State and Church Schools; 

  1. Members of the UPE who are working in Kindergarten are to stop giving lessons and should report to the SMT if students above the age of 3 are not wearing a mask or visor (with the exclusion of students with sensory issues). 
  1. Members of the UPE who are working in the Primary sector are not to accept any changes to their existing time-table or work-schedule.
  1. Members of the UPE are to work to rule and are not to do any voluntary or extra work within the school.
  1. LSE’s who are members of the UPE are not to accept any replacement lessons but are to remain in their class assisting other students as per job description. 
  1. LSE’s who are members of the UPE and who are currently working as relievers within Kindergarten classes which have the stipulated amount of students as per collective agreement 16.2 ( 12 learners in Kinder 1; 14 learners in Kinder 2) are to remain in class as a class LSE. 
  1. Members of the UPE are to refrain from submitting assessments related to LOFs.

Should any of our members have any further queries about the directives or want to raise any concerns in these exceptional times, they are not to hesitate to contact the union at or by calling our offices on 2590 5400