UPE issues directives on Church School

A number of U.P.E. – Voice Of The Workers members have approached us with various serious concerns affecting their working conditions and work-life balance.
As a union, we have asked persistently for meetings with the Church Secretariat and people concerned, for meetings to cover the various concerns raised by our members. While some cases were dealt with even when we had to approach the D.I.E.R., no meetings materialise since the start of summer recess. We need to give our members a fair treatment and we  cannot disregard their concerns, thus we are issuing the following directives to members and prospective members:
1)  LSE’s are not to take orders or instructions from school INCOS / HOD in Inclusion that are not officially employed by the Secretariat of Catholic Education. The role of such people is to only be as an advisory role.
2) IEP / MAP documents are not to be written / typed by the LSE.
3) LSE’s are not to reproduce learning documents / assessments or exams papers provided by the teacher in any altered format (adaptation).  LSE’s are expected to support students with visuals that help facilitate the learning process.
4) Educators working at school reserve the right to disconnect outside of school hours. Thus Educators are not obliged to answer any form of electronic / other communication at such hours.
We would like to assure our members and prospective members that we will do our best to support them and that we will direct them on further developments.
If there are any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Union on or 79936582, 79802249 or at our offices on 2590 5400.