UPE issues further directives on Church Schools

Members from various Church Schools around Malta have been informing us that they are being told by their superiors that the directives issued on the 27th of September 2018 are not recognised by the Secretariat of Catholic Education.
Superiors within such schools are harassing our members and stopping them from excercising their right of association and thus obeying directives issued by their union. The Secretariat of Catholic Education need not do anything except allow workers to exercise their rights without worry of harassment or fear of disciplinary action..
U.P.E. will adhere to its duties and obligations of listening to its members and to protect them. Our dispute with the Church Secretariat is serious and for this reason, notwithstanding our will to talk, the situation persists, thus further directives are on.
Our members and prospective members are urged to :
1) LSE’s are not to be taken out of class to replace sick or unavailable LSE’s with students having a 1-1 statement. This is unfair on the shared student as they won’t fully benefit from their entitlement.
2) Teachers & LSE’s are to attend IEP’s/MAP sessions only if the Secretariat of Catholic Education’s HOD in inclusion is present. 
3) Teachers who have a working load of 25 lessons are not be given extra duties;
a) They are not to attend any subject meetings
b) They are not to be involved in SDP group duties
c) They are not to be assigned posts of special duties like that of Form Teacher or Assistant Form Teacher duties