UPE Awaiting Full Details of Agreement Prior to Endorsement

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers has taken note of the agreement made between the MUT and government, and will be bearing it in mind while allowing the Public Health Authorities to offer their guidance based on the expertise of the Superintendent of Public Health Prof. Charmaine Gauci, and the statistician Dr Vincent Marmara. All of this rests on the premise that all is being done in the best interests of our educators nationwide, as well as our students.

The UPE is hereby requesting a full printed version of the agreement made between the two parties for purpose of perusal. Endorsement and agreement with the decisions taken will only be granted following meticulous revision by the union of the printed version of the agreement made, and will subsequently maintain utmost vigilance on its content and implementation.

In conclusion, the Union reserves the right to resort to Industrial Action should any of the terms and conditions outlined on the agreement be breached at any point in time. It is only by keeping a united front that the union can guarantee that the health and safety of its members is given precedence. The union will ensure that members of the UPE are fully informed of what the agreement entails, and they will be instructed to be vigilant and maintain communication with the union should there be any evidence of transgression to the decisions outlined in the said agreement.