UPE Solves MCAST Salary Issue  

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers, recently issued an Industrial Dispute against MCAST due to a payment method through which our members are being paid two months in arrears.   

Such procrastination in authorising dues constitutes in a breach of Chapter 452 of the Employment and Industrial Relations Act.  

Clause 22 stipulates that – “Every employer shall pay or cause to be paid wages to his employees at regular intervals which shall not exceed four weeks in arrears.”  

The Union also remarked that bonuses are to follow the formula mentioned within this link.

The Department of Industrial Relations (DIER) confirmed such irregularities and has initiated an investigation on the matter.   MCAST officials acknowledged this breach in the Employment Law and have expressed their commitment to ensure that the institute rectifies the matter within the coming weeks.  

This means that MCAST part-timers members of the UPE will be receiving their backdated salaries and will also start to receive their salaries on time as stipulated by the Employment Law.   

UPE is satisfied that such a major issue was resolved through adequate social dialogue.