UPE – Voice Of The Workers’ wishes for Women ‘s day!

U.P.E. augurs empowerment to all her members but especially to its female members! And we wish the empowerment that embraces our femininity, our vocation as Educators and asserts both our rights and responsibilities.

It is when we all do this that we can empower our own Profession, our caring profession is populated by female Professionals mainly, to be strong enough to face the ever-growing challenges of our ever-changing demographics in our society. U.P.E. is aware of the improvements in our society in the gender area but we still lack the backing of our country’s law, and a body of strong Professional personnel in our education system, to prevent even new challenges in the gender equality area.

It is only by embracing the beauty of our gender by respect and responsibility that we can be catalysts for Education to succeed in empowering all humans, that they may all live their life to the full.

Happy Woman’s Day to all Educators!