Wage Discrepancy for LSE’s working Both at State and Church Schools. 

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice Of The Workers, has been working closely with MEDE after members of the Union notified UPE Officials that they are being paid less than their colleagues who graduated after them. 

Infact the Union had already explained the situation in an article published a few months ago. 

UPE is pleased to announce that all parties concerned have shown good will as to resolve the matter, after MUT collective agreement failed miserably to envisage such a scenario.

After UPE Officials pressed MEDE for the necessary adjustments to be made, the Directorate seems to be working on promoting LSE’s whose approval to LSE 2 status was given before 2019, by increasing their Salary to step 3, just like their Colleagues who have been automatically placed in this particular Step. 

Having said this MEDE seems to be committed in paying back arrears to those LSE’s who have suffered this social injustice. It is not yet clear when these adjustments will be made, but the Union is hoping that the above will be implemented in the coming months.  

UPE would like to thank its members for their patience thus promising to continue working hard to obtain the above.