“What a bunch of losers, protesting against their place of work…” – Joe Aquilina – Owner of Clubclass

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers, together with the teachers working at Clubclass English Language School, stood outside the school today as the first day of strike took place. The teachers showed just how much verve they could foster as they cried out for recognition, respect and acknowledgement outside the school, hoping that Clubclass owner Joe Aquilina, who was inside the building, would finally see sense and come down to start talks with those who, in the past years, made sure that his business thrived and flourished.

Clubclass owner Joe Aquilina, in yet another blatant show of derision, instead of coming down to see why these teachers had gone to such extremes as to unite in protest, ensured that fruit and water were supplied. The teachers refused to partake in such unwelcome refreshments: this is not what they need, this is not what they are asking for! 

The teachers stood together, with their voices ringing out in unison, demands being made loud and clear. They showed a level of politeness unparalleled, as they chanted their requests without once personally attacking the person behind the abuse they are being subjected to. As they stood there, in the scorching sun, Joe Aquilina felt it was appropriate to send a lackey to deliver his statement to the members of the press as they turned up. Yet another, now expectable, demonstration of his yellow-livered character.

To further confirm his lack of character, while his teachers never once attacked him, he thought it fitting to take a photo from a window and publish a post on Facebook with a derogatory comment against his teachers. “What a bunch of losers, protesting against their place of work and not one placard against their employer. I am so proud to lead Clubclass Language School.”, he wrote. He seemed to have so much time to watch the strike and post unprofessional comments on social media, and yet not enough time to sit down and talk things over.

A lot could have been said about this employer, and very little of it would have been flattering, if any at all, following the way these teachers have been treated. However, the teachers maintained their sense of propriety throughout the protest, and gave full proof of how real professionals should really behave.

It is thus that the first day of the strike came to an end. A drama as yet to be unfolded as the content of the  statement which was stealthily handed over to the press is yet to be unfolded, and an employer lurking in the background playing The Phantom of the Opera, always there but never to be seen.