What? How? Where? When? (FAQs)

We understand that you might have a few questions about our new union. Below you may find a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

Who can join this union?

This union is open to all teachers, learning support Educators, kindergarten Educators as well as Heads of Department working in Malta or Gozo.

How much is the membership?

Membership is €45 and covers a 12 month subscription. This means that for 2020, your membership is €45.

You can join by pressing on membership, entering your details and paying through PayPal by Visa.

Is this union a part of UĦM?

The Union of Professional Educators Voice of Workers is an independent union who is affiliated with UĦM Voice of the Workers. This means that decisions are taken only by the leaders and members of UPE. UĦM offers consultancy services and corporate resources only

Is it politically motivated?

The Union of Professional Educators has its members at its heart. It is not politically motivated and will never be! It will strive to give the best service to its members and will insist that the time for taking educators for a ride is over. When the union will negotiate agreements, it will include every workplace in consultation and decision taking. It will never offer a fait accompli to its members. It, most of all, believes in democracy and the fate of every agreement will be in your hands, the members, through a decision taking ballot regarding the agreement.

But what if the Government orders us not to publish an agreement?

Let’s make one thing clear. The Government, or no one else for that matter, can order us to do or not to do anything. Our loyalty is towards our members and to no one else. We will publish, explain and help you in interpreting and using an agreement negotiated by us. That’s the way how a union should work and that’s how we will work.

I have more questions..... Where can I get answers?

Simply contact us either by email or contact us on Facebook