Executive Members

The current setup of the Union of Professional Educators Voice of the Workers consists of a mix of teachers and learning support assistants who will be assisting you in anything that is needed at your workplace. It also consists of a mix of new blood and experienced union persons. Specifically, it consists of:

Graham Sansone is currently working as a secondary school inclusive educator and has been doing so since 2006. In addition to this, he also worked as a union delegate, since 2015.

He graduated from the University of Malta in 2008, in inclusive education, whilst recently he has graduated from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) at the University of Turin, where he attended the Academy of Young Trade Union Leaders.

His knowledge of Trade Unionism and International Labour Law & Labour Standards does not just stop at an academical level, as he has been working at the helm of trade unionism since his late 20’s.

Furthermore, he held the position of Chairman of ForUM Youths; he also is Deputy Secretary General & Working Youths Officer for the National Youth Council (KNZ) in which his perspective on Youth Matters is a great asset to the council and its general stance on the various issues that KNZ tackles.

Graham has recently been elected as Vice President of ETUC Youth (European Trade Union Confederation) and, is also representing Malta in MEYTUN (Mediterranean European Young Trade Union Network) in which he represents young workers throughout Europe.

Rebecca Vella Cachia is a secondary teacher by profession for the past 4 years and holds Degree level qualification in teaching.

She is a teacher of Vocational Subjects introduced lately to our educational system.

She was also the vice president of Forum youths for the past months.

Rebecca is committed to introduce, change and explore new horizons for educators across all borders.

Rita Catania is a B.Ed.(Hons) Teacher and has worked in various spheres of the education system and in voluntary work, locally and abroad.

Trade unionism has always been central to her career with a particular interest in gender, equality and all other issues that infringe a person s rights and obligations. She currently teaches PSCD in a secondary school.

Her aim is to empower the union members, to fight any injustice in the Education system and to ensure that Educators themselves catalyse change for our Profession to gain its due respect.

DEBONO GIORGIO–B.Com (Management, Accounts and Economics);P.G.C.E.(Business Studies);Dip.Business Administration (Henley Management College UK); M.B.A. (University of Reading UK).HAAM-a member of the of the Henley Alumni Association in Malta. MIM-a member of the Institute of Management.

He has joined the teaching profession since 1985 and  has also taught at primary, secondary and technical levels respectively.

George is currently teaching Maltese at ALP (Paola). He has also been actively involved in the Management of Consultancy Services with a local entrepreneur particularly in the fields of Human Resources Development and Marketing.

It is his firm believe that the union should endeavour to uphold the interest of members and strenghten the bond between the employees in the present scenario.

His aim is to promote the well-being of the employees at the place of work so as to safe guard their interests against any form of injustice in the Education System.