Withdrawal of Prohibitory Warrant of Injunction issued by MEDE

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers, would like to show it’s satisfaction at the fact that the Prohibitory Warrant of Injunction issued by the Permanent Secretary of Education, Dr F. Fabri, was withdrawn, as agreed upon during a reconciliatory meeting ordered by the Court.

Since both parties are aware that the ideal solution could not be reached, the Union asked once more, that Teachers with a load of 25 will not be given the extra duties of Form Teachers or Assistant Form Teachers. The Directorate acknowledged this, and was prompt to notify School Principals about this decision, and will also advise Heads of Schools not to give the same Teachers the same load in the next scholastic year.

U.P.E. has withdrawn its directives issued on the 25 the of September, and augurs that clear communication will prevail in future. Our members and prospective members may rest assured that our Directives were legitimate, and are reminded to refer to the Union with any questions they may have in this regard or other.