Zero Tolerance To Malicious Comments On Social Media

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice Of The Workers is utterly disgusted with the abusive and disrespectful comments published on social media in the past days.

As the Union for educators, we are very concerned with the hate being disseminated by a few uninformed members of society towards Educators, who are professionals in their field of work. There should be no doubt that as dedicated Educators we are constantly striving to improve the well-being of the children in our care.
In light of the threatening language used on social media, UPE will continue to insist with the Department of Education (DoE) not to drag its feet on protecting educators in their place of work. The Union reiterates that it is incumbent on the DoE to find ways and means of having security personnel in place on the school premises in order to safeguard the integrity of Educators and students alike.
As it has always done, UPE would like to put its members’ mind at rest. We remain vigilant and responsible in our role of guardian of all Educators during these difficult times.  UPE will take note of any one spreading such malice towards Educators and will report such instances to the competent authorities for justice to take its course.